i dunno i'm bored, so i had this idea.

you must write a song using the lyrics given. after everyone enters their song, we will vote for who wrote the best song for the lyrics given. all styles welcome.

here goes

LYRICS: (you must use these lyrics)


"verse" -

i'm stuck running in pretty pretty circles
i love chasing after hellacious colored rainbows
stop giving me rude and foul gestures
without shunning our stiff, stoic composure

"chorus" -

life tears a hole so deep
i can't withstand the heat
help me out, cuz i'm still asleep
i'm sick of being a downtrodden creep


i obviously just made those up. you may write the second verse of your own choice, but the chorus must remain the same throughout the song. you may also add a bridge with lyrics of your choice.

the prize? i dunno we could figure that out later.

let's do it boys and girls!!!