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Thread: Mixing Feedback needed on this track. (hip-hop)

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    Mixing Feedback needed on this track. (hip-hop)

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    Hello all,
    So I engineer my own music, and granted i'm nowhere near the best at it but I still put in a lot of effort. So I released a song, (don't mean to self promote) but after submitting it to countless publications 99% of them all told me that while, they enjoyed the song, the "mixing could use some work". To me, I thought the mix sounded good but my ears must not be trained well enough to hear the imperfections so if any one has any feedback on how to make it more "industry standard" that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    The soundcloud link is how it is mixed and mastered to the public and best of my ability:


    the dropbox link is the mix but UNmastered .WAV for reference.


    any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you so much

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    It's easy to think that your mixes are good enough until you actually compare them to better mixes. I've gone through that and still go through it. Seeing as your song as that sort of trap, hip hop vibe. Id say it would be good to reference other mixes in this genre and compare to yours.

    That being said, your mix doesn't sound bad at all. There are certain things that can be improved though. Main thing i hear is in the vocals. It could fit into the track better. Maybe a bit less reverb or a different reverb. The 808 could be a little stronger and the kick less prominent. Other than that, there are certain things that aren't very loud in the mix that could be brought up.

    The mix doesn't sound as pristine as other mixes from songs in this genre. I think maybe that's why they told you what they did. But in terms of your mixing abilities, you're doing well. Just keep at it.

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