I was accused of being straight by somebody who might be gay, and I resented sex even entering into the conversation, what fucking business is it of thiers ? Can't they just do business with me ? ... and yeah, I am straight, but that don't fucking matter damnit ... all I wanted to so was some business ... but fuck all the shit ... so I wrote these lyrics.

It should be like a power melodic punk thing. Piltdown could do it justice.

Run with it if you want, I don't at this time own a guitar, I feel like popping a Les Paul Junior on the credit card and shipping overnight just for this tune, and because I like cute little guitars, I'd give it a girls name ... I think . Here are the lyrics, dice and slice like you want, they are free for the taking :
I wish I was gay, I'd be so welcome.
I wish I was queer, I'd have so many friends.
I wish I was different, not like the straight folks.
At least bisexual, I'd have the best of both worlds.

But I'm just a hetero, man I'm so cliche.
I'm just a regular guy, chicks love in every way.
But if I were a faggot, I'd be so cool,
I'd have a TV show, then I'd rule.

I wish I was a pansy, dressed in pink slacks.
I wish I was effiminate, like Louis the XIII and all that.
I wish you were gay too,
Then you could love me wierd and shit.

I wish everyone was same sexing it.

Then I'd have to be straight.

But I'm just a homo, man I'm so cliche.
I'm just a gay guy, men love in every way.
But if I were a straight guy, wow I'd be so cool.
I'd have a way cool band, and sing super cool tunes.

But were all just having it,
Anyway we want.
And that's just fine I say.
Maybe I'm confused about this point.

I don't understand it,
But I like a woman's breasts
Is it ok to fantasize about her naked chest ?

We don't understand it,
Everyone's the same.
We all want it, we all play the game.
It's where kids come from,
Most of the time.

Hey, if everyone was doing it
Everything would be fine.

But I'm just a man.
You don't know what I want.
But you wanna know,
cuz you don't know what you are.

And that's fine hey,
I'm not putting you down or anything.
You can do what you want
and still be my friend.