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Thread: Love is a dangerous Game first mix

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    Love is a dangerous Game first mix

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    This is the first mix with a scratch vocal.

    Let me know what you think.

    Yeah, not as good as "In the Butt" but I'm trying.

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    The low end is really massive. Boomy, even.

    The vocal seems very tiny in comparison.

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    I agree with Schwarzenyaeger, you perhaps overdid it a bit with the bass guitar EQ (and volume). Usually it's better to give your bass EQ small boosts at specific frequencies anywhere from the lows to the low mids (50ish to 200ish hz) depending on what kind of sound you're looking to get, but giving an overall "shelf boost" something like from 0hz and on isn't usually a good idea because that adds a lot of rumble to the mix. I high pass that area out from almost every instrument, and if I don't high pass it from the kick and the bass, I simply avoid boosting it. You need to find a better way to make the bass sound nice in your mix, and I think it can sound just fine without that type of EQ. If you have issues it means it's clashing with another instrument in the same frequency range, usually being the kick. In that case the most common 2 options you have are:

    1. Open both EQs at the same time in front of you, make sure you're not boosting both in the same frequency range. Choose a small area for your kick and a small area for your bass to sit in. Boost and cut appropriately

    2. Use side chain compression on the bass that is triggered by your kick and experiment till you find the right settings for it. That will make the bass duck a bit every time there's a kick drum hit.

    Drums might be a couple DB louder than I would have them

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    Yeah, the bass is boomy - how are you monitoring? What's with the snare? It has this bell-like sound to it (like a tambourine added to it). Other than it, the whole thing sounds muffled, like there's like a low high-shelf EQ on a lot of the tracks. The acoustic guitar is so low its almost not there.
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