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Thread: to listen to...

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    to listen to...

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    Very classy tune, tasty guitar playing and other instruments too.

    Nice effects @ 0:48 where the song moves into the main part.

    The "flutes" are excellent background for your playing.

    Not a big fan of the snare sound, it's too snappy/crispy and maybe a touch too loud for me. The drums are a little right in the stereo field, which is different, usually they are spread around both sides or centered.

    Other than the drums, I liked the mix - everthing was easy to hear/listen to, clean and clear. Lots of nice background to compliment the main guitar. Well recorded and mixed.....

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    listened to southpoint. i like the brush thing on the drums. sounds cool.
    nice tone on the guitars too. i find this music nice and relaxing, but also interesting to listen to. i like the mix, and the performance.
    yea, i like this.

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