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Thread: It's Only Tueday - Title cut of my new CD

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    It's Only Tueday - Title cut of my new CD

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    Here is the title cut of my new CD. I tracked my vocals, bass, basic keys, and guitars to a drum loop at home. Then I sent that to a studio drummer friend in Nashville. Then the tracks went to Orlando where my friend, John Marsden, added the horn arrangement and mixed it. Truly a home recording.

    What do you think? We are very proud of the result. BTW...we didn't get it mastered. We got samples from 2 different mastering engineers and we didn't feel they improved sound much if at all. John did a good job mixing it. If I ever need a track mastered for an opportunity we can always do that later.

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    I listened on my monitors and via my headphones. Compared to many / most commercial mixes yours doesn't have much sound-stage from left to in what many call "wideness". About 80% of it is very much in the middle and could easily be moved out (panned) to create better separation and open up the sound. Listen to a popular commercial song and compare it to yours. You don't have to do a lot of panning.......just some creative panning.

    BTW........I like your song. I think it's well written and put together. After you work in some sound stage that new found separation will bring out all the instrument and vocals more clearly and you may not like what you hear as much....although I don't think you'll have too much of a problem. As for mastering......wait until it's 100% ready. This is just my opinion of course. Oh....and thanks for the listen!!!

    EDIT: I meant to ask you....what do you listen to your playback / mix on?
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