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Thread: I'd appreciate any arrangement suggestions on this acoustic-based song

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    I'd appreciate any arrangement suggestions on this acoustic-based song

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    Been a while since I posted. This is sparse and simple. A little EQ, a little compression, a doubled acoustic guitar panned left and right 75%, a piano, a vocal (with one little effect). I may shorten the song and put the piano solo right after the chorus instead of the repeated guitar theme and then the solo.

    Should I add bass? What do you think of the arrangement? Should I adjust anything mix wise as far as panning and volume? How's my vocal performance?

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    I like it with two exceptions. I hate the two effected I I I I real acoustic sounding performance with a grating treated voice? For me, that ruins the song. The piano solo isn't a solo but just a few unnecessary plonking notes. Ok for a feature while something else happens, but it's the kind of solo you give the guy in the band who can't do solos? Jury out on the guitar ending? I like the song, but for me these things spoil it a little. Not sue you need the bass?

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    Wow. I didn't read Rob's response till after hearing the song. His are my thoughts exactly.

    The Ays do not have it.

    Musically it's simple and nice. But, a little too repetitive. It just needs a little more, so we're hearing new things.

    Nice song.

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    these are just my opinions but, I'd cut the intro in half.

    Ditch the piano and play a simple acoustic guitar solo, or maybe a flute. The piano is just to dominating, it might just be that particular piano sound, or remove the solo and put a nice little breakdown with a different strumming, and chord progression in place of it.

    The voice sound very harsh, not so much from the singing but the mic/ eq settings etc. I'd work on getting a better vocal recording, or used different processing on the vocals.

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    Nice work! Eliminate the pitch shift on the "I" part and you're close to done. You could add a bass, but I'm not sure it's worth the struggle. You would probably end up removing some of the low end guitar during the mix, and it might cause issues. If you want a fuller song and you add drums, a bass would make sense. Otherwise, keep it simple.

    As for the piano, try playing with the reverb settings, reduce the volume, and perhaps EQ some of the high end. The other approach might be to lower the part a couple of octaves. I'm not sure if this is a software instrument track or not. If it is, sometimes dragging the passage to another octave solves the problem. Otherwise, I would loose the piano or substitutes another software instrument or guitar lead.

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    The piano doesn't work for me and I'm in complete agreement with everyone about the I-I-I thing. I had a discussion just recently with a friend who likes to get a little "theatrical" with his vocals sometimes, and my feeling is that it only works in a theatrical type of song, and then a little can go a long way. This song is not that kind of song, so I'd probably just let the song break sooner (i.e., eliminating those Is), and if you want to introduce some rhythm maybe do that at the first break, then at the second, something other than the piano (depends on what you've built up to that point and the feel it brings).

    Whatever you do for the solo/instrumental, introduce that instrument a little earlier - I've heard the guitar motif enough by that point. I'd probably try some different styles and sounds of electric guitar, maybe something clean, melodic w/tremolo or even a little overdriven, but it depends on what you have access to. A different software keyboard might work, but whatever [solo instrument] I'd want it more legato than what you've got.

    The end could be shorter (IMO).

    Have you tried bumping it up a step (key-wise)? Your vocal sounds like it's almost out of gas at the bottom of its range.

    With all that, it's a nice song, and worth grinding away at a little more.
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