Really good song and arrangement. If I heard it, I wouldn't turn it off.

But, I do hear an arrangement problem (IMO). Which I'm going to try and explain, and probably fail miserably at. So, someone who understands my gibberish, might want to translate using musical terms.

I'm going to use the words "riffs" because everything seems to be a specific riff. So, you start with guitar riff, and when that cycles you add the piano riff. When that cycles you bring in the cello (or whatever instrument that is) and that cycles, and you continue doing that till it breaks.

There's no countering parts. Because they all enter and just add to the cycle. The cycle is GREAT, it really is. It just needs one instrument feeding off the other, instead of just adding to the other.

I hope this makes sense. Just so you know, I do the same thing. Only now, because I know I do it, I force myself to change. It doesn't always work.