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Thread: I would like Enlightenment!

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    If this is true why are mp3s being used?
    Would it be better to use this instead of mp3s?
    Do you still have to convert the wave files?

    I have read a lot of mp3s have noise problems and would like to know if this is the way to go. Im just now setting up my computer to try this new media stuff (mp3,etc) and want to go in the right direction and not have to play highschool f--- around and have to keep installing software!

    Microsoft Windows Media Technologies 7 addresses the needs of the music industry, offering features to increase the number of listeners, protect and distribute content, and allow for widespread compatibility with other digital consumer devices, all the while providing CD-quality playback in crystal clear Windows Media Format.

    Windows Media -- the Best Solution for the Music Industry CD-Quality Audio at Half the Size of MP3
    A recent study has shown that Windows Media audio files have the same quality as CDs at only half the size of comparable MP3 files. What does this mean? Downloads take half as long. PCs and portable devices can store twice as much music with the same amount of memory. For device manufacturers, where memory tends to be the most expensive part, this means significant cost savings that can be passed along to consumers. Leading music labels such as Sony, EMI,
    Warner Music Group and BMG already recognize the superior quality of Windows Media. Top independent record labels including TVT, Entertainment Boulevard, Launch, House of
    Blues, Liquid Audio,Intertainer, and ICast also encode their content in the Windows Media format.


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    .asf and .asx are the new hot format

    I've been using .asf codec for a couple of months now and it is true,smaller file sizes (much!)and better sound quality means your tunes can STREAM without the typical wait for a 5-10 minute download.For comparison,here is the same tune in both .asf and mp3
    Listen carefully (I think the .asf is less than half the file size but sounds the same to my ears)and the real kicker is the ability to stream.

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