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Thread: i just recorded a 6 song acoustic demo

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    i just recorded a 6 song acoustic demo

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    heres the story..
    a friend's band was planning on playing here, but we couldn't find any venue. so we decided to have them play acoustic and we'd do it in a house. i had some acoustic songs tucked away that i'd always planned on either collaberating with somebody else on, or just forgetting all about. but since this show was happening i decided to play.
    so this morning i realized one song didn't even have words, and the only way i'd ever be productive enough to get it done and memorize the words in time was if i recorded it. then i decided to just record everything.

    this was recorded in a normal sized bedroom, i have tons of posted with push pins so i hung tshirts on hangers from all of them to alleviate the echos (it worked quite well, to be honest with you)

    guitar is a piece of garbage samick with brand new martin sp strings to try to make up for it. micced x/y with a studio projects b1 and an mxl 991. vocals were a 991. preamp was either a presonus tubepre or a fostex vf16. a/d was a echo gina interface.

    the show is in about 3 hours so i've gotta start burning a pile of CDRs

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    The vocals are too low or the guitar too high in the mix.
    The songs sounds fine but the vocals sound like a rant. ASs if you're harranging someone rather than the story the lyrics describe to the exten that it's almost comical. UNLESS that was the intention.
    When you get the time give the song the time it needs.

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    the vocals need to have a bit of compression...they are to high is parts and to low in others.

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    lots of punch in the guitar, but i generally like the tone.
    the vocals could do with some compression, and it seems at times you are shouting, but i realise this is probably the effect you are going for. i think your voice is decent when you sing the mellow parts. definitely need the vocals up in the mix though.
    just my thoughts.,..

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