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Thread: How HIGH can this take U?

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    How HIGH can this take U?

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    Hi , it's my first post. This looks like an excellent place. I've been making some sounds with my best frind Reason and I'm looking for an outlet.

    This track takes a vantage point from space high above the Earthís atmosphere looking onto our planet. The sounds represent a space shuttle passing by, fading in from the left and fading out on the right. When you hear the astronauts at 2 mins the shuttle is directly between you and the Earth. Iíve tried to play around with the stereo field to create this feeling as well as the general feeling of space travel. I actually got permission from NASA to use their audio sample, believe that? Copyright free just wanted to be credited. Well hope it all doesnít sound too pretentious, but think this track gets pretty close and might have some possibilities. Would luv to hear your feedback and comments. Enjoy

    A Slice of Orbit

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    This song held my interest until the samples. They may help the song a little, but sound simply like samples that were added. I don't like that part that much.

    After that point, I think something additional should be added to the mix. All I can think of is an electric guitar or some steady hi-hats. I know that would change the dynamic of the song, but a cool passionate electric solo in the melody of this song would be pretty cool, I imagine.

    That's my take, though. Bottom line is the song is pretty cool. Instrumentals are hard, but this one has enough going on to keep me interested and is mixed very well to sound good. I listened with headphones. Nice work.

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