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Thread: Help with the mix

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    Help with the mix

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    Hi, This is my first thread in this amazing forums

    Recently we have finished our first recording, now we are working with the mix.

    I leave here a premix of one of the songs, please say us that it seems to you, we admit comments to try to improve it, we want to finish it best

    (Please, copy & paste the link in a browser)


    (sorry for my poor English)

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    hey buddy this sounds really well polished to me already. its a lot of fun too. lots of dynamics and all very well crafted.

    i wish i could help you improve it. it sounds very good.
    what a relief

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    The kick is pretty weak. I'd give it a bit more thump. Actually, all the drums could use a little bit more of a forward approach. Otherwise it all fits. Great fucking tune.

    EDIT: Now that I think about it though...I think what really sounds not so good is just the snare. It's got no 'pop' to it. If you could give it a bit more attack, to match with the excellent sound of the toms and bass, it would work.

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