Hey all. I'm working on my band's demo and am trying to get a base mix down for a general idea of how I'm going to mix the other songs. The album I want to pseudo-reference is Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence by Glassjaw. Pretty Lush is pretty much the defining song for the mix I'd like to have, but I can already tell that it's not going to be even close because of the drum tone (the snare was heavily muffled unfortunately). But anyway, please let me know what you like in this mix, what needs improving, how to improve certain aspects, how to beef up the guitar tone, etc.!
By the way, I'm doing the mixing on lame computer speakers because unfortunately I've had to sell most of my gear to pay bills, so if someone out there would like to assist in mixing this demo for free, I'd be more than appreciative.
The song is at http://www.isareallystupid.name/this.../ralph_new.mp3