does anyone here use musicmatch jukebox to rip mp3s from cds? I think I fucked mine up. I'm thinking that it's in the settings. I have had some probs with skips, pops, and shutter, so I tried to set the recorder for a slower speed. Well now it will play the cd fine, but when I rip, it goes thru the process like normal except now, when I play the file there's no sound. The player does just like normal with the little timer going along just like it was playing, but no sound. I've been using mmj for a couple years and it's what I've been using to get all my tunz in the clinic. I've tried to reset stuff, but I may have done more bad than good.

So if anyone out there uses this, would they be a nice person and PM me about the settings they use. I'm fairly sure that's the prob.