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Thread: Hello I need a mix feedback to improve my track and learn new skills

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    I like the mix; some of my thoughts have been said by others. I'd like to hear the second voice brought out a bit stronger. On my system at least, your lead voice was not exactly centered in the stereo field. The fake drums and fake strings don't bother me because they are of a fairly good quality for that kind of system. As an organist with a degree in pipe organ, I used to think that the pipe organ was the ONLY way to play organ music; but I have mellowed a bit as I am now 75. I don't have a problem listening to a good electronic organ if it is well played and is a good quality instrument for the music being performed. Similarly, I maintain that those of us who do our own music while working on a limited budget probably won't have the money to buy the best electronic drums and other instruments; and for my part, I don't know how to properly play a real set of drums. So I have a drum machine here along with an electronci keyboard for the strings and other sounds. Your modulation up a whole step bothers me a bit because it leaves a "jerky" impression in my mind. In my opinion, better would have been either a drum riff as one poster said or else a harmonic modulation from the first key to the new one a whole-step higher. During that modulation or drum riff, your voice should be silent; This modulation could be quite simple, taking place over only one or two bars. I hope I am not straying too far from the purpose of "Mixing Clinic." In my mind, "Mixing Clinic" would mainly covr that which you could do with the knobs and sliders on a mixer board or complex recording deck; but since others have mentioned the matter of the key shift, I hope I wouldn't be too far off the track.


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    Hey everyone sorry for late reply, I have considered all your suggestions and made some changes in the mix. Here's the new mix have a shot and let me know how it sounds


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    I still think it sounds good, and even better, in some ways. the step up sounds better. There is a cymbal crash at 1:29. Is that correct? It seems out of place to me. Again, only my personal opinion, but I wouldn't hold the keyboard or vocal notes into 2:14. Fade a bit sooner, letting the drums be all you hear before your vocal a step up comes in. Don't worry about the silence. It works.

    Again my own opinion, because I know songs of this type have a heavy vocal presence. I think it would be better if you back off the lead vocal just a little bit, though. Still, a very good sounding mix, if you ask me. Good work.
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