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Thread: Forever Girl

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    Forever Girl

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    Hey I'm a newbie around here and I've been posting thread after thread trying to pick your brains for tips on recording vocals. This is the first song I have attempted to sing or record and it has been a challenge.

    I used an SM 58 going into a DOD R-825 Compressor Limiter then straight from my mixer to my crappy Creative Crap Blaster USB. Then to the hard disc of my AMD 64 Athlon using Sonar 6 PE for my recording software.

    From there I cloned the vocal for doubling. On the first track I used a couple of wave vst's (REQ 6 Band MONO and Audio Track Mono, Waves Trueverb Mono) and an effect from Avox called Avox Punch (a vocal impact enhancer). On the second (doubled) track, I only used the 2 Waves EQ and Compressor settings from the first track.

    I mixed the doubled track about 6 db lower than the 1st track.

    Here's a link so you can listen to it, the music was done by some friends (a team of mine on called 3 Men And A Baby) I wrote the lyrics and sang the song, over a small mp3 file of the mixed music. The quality could be better of course but it was still fun.

    Any "constructive" tips or advice is appreciated.



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    Vocal performance seems good. The mix/processing not so good. Sounds way, way over-compressed. Ya hear all that breath and hiss after each vocal line? Sounds like a hyper-active compressor to me. Maybe I'm wrong. Too much high-mids as well. Hard on the ears. And whats up with those drums? They sound like freaking cannons.

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    Gotta agreeeeeeeeeee......Re-mix is in order

    If you UNLIKE me have a home studio you are in luck....Elements of the tune are there but it doesn't quite stack up as is sonically...

    Good tune the vibe....vocals fit the style perfect...........

    keep rockin

    Steve Altonian

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    Love the way you get the highs out of an SM58. Good job there. Vocals are well done. You have the vocals sitting in a sweet spot in the mix. Do some work on the things Greg suggests and try and keep that balance. Rest of the mix sounds good to me. Catchy ballad. Is this orginal? Because it's very nice!

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