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Thread: First orchestral track

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    First orchestral track

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    Hey guys. I've just finished my first orchestral track. I'm at uni studying audio production and had an email about a contact looking for four tracks, 3:30-40 long, similar to this:
    YouTube - Oneshot - Reivers 12 Charity Film

    Offering £50 per track. Each student welcome to submit all four. A competition, of sorts.
    I'm not entirely sure what the tracks are being used for.

    I've had Eastwests orchestra software for about five years (the really old Kompakt version), and have used it but never finished a track using it. The deadline for this work was only a week, so I was very rushed. Initially planning to try all four tracks but maybe will only manage two. I've just finished the first. This is only the second project I've ever 'exported'.

    I'm looking for comments on all aspects. Composition and arrangement, mixing, mastering, and more importantly - accuracy to the reference video that they sent. This is the area I think I fell down on most - really not sure how similar my track is. Whether or not they like/use the track I don't mind so much now. Just glad I've worked under pressure and put out my first orchestral piece with just two days work. Usually I spend far too much time making templates and trying to 'perfect' things before even laying a note down! Really bad habbit.
    Anyway, all comments welcome You can listen to the track here:

    EtherealEntity | Tom Winspear på Myspace Music


    EDIT: I notice that the percussion before the main theme (the drum hits around the 40 second mark) are distorted sounding on Myspace. It was also like this when I checked the file in Audacity and I don't know why. The WAV and Mp3 files sound fine on Media Player/iTunes. It's only this small drum hit which seems to change in quality. It was the WAV file I uploaded to Myspace.

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    Very nice-I like the drone-very celtic sounding, good sounds, the transition to the more active section starting at around 1:40 sounds a little wierd mix wise-like the strings should come up to give that melody some power-Nice from then on-good percussion use-horns sound powerful. The end was also a little wierd mix wise-like you were fading the mix out while the instrument decayed-sounded unnatural....Anyway I think it's a great piece, hope you get the gig.
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    I like the piece, Tom. It's a bit stark in the beginning like the music to Eyes Wide Shut. The droning contrabass is cool, but I wonder if it is realistic. I suppose if two or more contrabasses do the job, you could achieve a constant drone like that. The staccato strings are a nice touch, but the answer line again is a little unbelievable in that I'm not sure it could be bowed that fast. Perhaps if the player bounced the bow on the strings. Aside from those little distractions, I think the piece is a winner. That East/West stuff you have is very nice. I wish I had those voices.


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    I like it. I think the drum hit's could use a sub drop behind it. It doesn't seem powerful enough. That's pretty much the only nit I had.
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    DON'T POST audio for review on mspace - it's crude city for music.
    I can't comment on the music as the audio playe on mspace returned error messages.

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