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Thread: First digital album!

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    First digital album!

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    I finally did it. I actually recorded songs that go together on an album. That's a first for me because I usually just give up by the end of the 1st song with all the rerecording and mastering and shiz. I could really use some tips for mixing though; I mostly just panned everything so the parts wouldn't fight with each other, but did minimal EQ. I also would like to know what you think of the vocals in relation to the mix.

    Here it is. Thanks for taking the time to listen!

    Equipment Used:
    M-Audio DMP3 to Soundblaster Audigy
    Oktava mk-319
    Audix OM3 for guitar amp (last track)
    Boss GT-3 direct (track 3)
    San Francisco indie/alternative rock

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    It doesn't sound bad, but everything's a bit bright...especially the vocals. Try throwing a tube compressor least on the vocals.

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