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    Feedback Needed

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    Hey everyone....

    I am new here at Me and my sister recently started a studio and is currently working on a Gospel album. I have uploaded our latest attempt "Thank You, Abba Father" and would really appreciate it if you could listen and give as some feedback. I do the mixing and is basically, spanking new to recording and mixing music. After I discovered some pretty eye-opening articles on the forum last night I decided to work a bit on "Thank You". "Emotional Tornado and Quiet" is some of our earlier attempts recorded about 2 months ago.

    Thanks in advance.

    Link to songs:

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    There's a lot of potential in what you do.

    Major stuff first: The vox needs less processing, reverb..and maybe a sound-treated room to sing in?? Those words and voices should be up-front, with everything else supporting them. Don't need the can and the cave to make the voices work...they're real nice very close to as-recorded, I bet...and a lot nicer to hear than what you ended up with, I'm more certain.

    Some of the pans are extreme. The connectedness of the pieces is a little lost...and the mental image is players on opposite sides of a really big stage in an empty concert hall......distant......isolated. Find a place in the pan where the instruments sound separate, but joined at the fingertips in a musical dance....sort of.

    The reverbs sound very different for different parts. I'd suggest recording all tracks dry, getting them sounding good, and master with a single reverb first. Lighter doses. Then listen to other pro work...reference, stuff.

    Is that MIDI piano in cut one? Or are you or your sister a virtuoso classically-trained concert pianist...trying a hand at composing?? The chops are impressive...the composing needs work.....but I hear classical cadences...some a bit familiar. Cuts 2 and 3 have nice progressions.

    I guess I'd tell you that great composing and recording is learned by listening carefully to references.....find some similar music you really like, and try to duplicate some of what you hear....develop awareness of levels, mix, pans, frequency ranges, reverbs, etc. And don't stop! And stay tuned here for some great info and learning!

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