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Thread: Feedback on a couple recordings, equipment questions..

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    Feedback on a couple recordings, equipment questions..

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    I came home from college to find my SPB1 condenser mic no longer wants to work. I really wanted to record a couple covers so I grabbed the mic from the family computer (this mic to be exact ) and layed these down-

    I just joined a "band" before I moved back home...just me and another guy each with an acoustic, but we've been writing a lot of cool stuff and swapping samples/ideas online for the summer at least, so I'm pretty excited about that. But I would like to get another mic. Since I still have my SP pre, I could get another condenser mic, but I never really was that impressed with the SPB1, especially not after hearing what can be done with a cheap $10 mic. Instead I'd like to get an SM57 or 58 (can't decide which) and possibly upgrade my soundcard. I've got an Audigy 2 in right now, which isn't exactly primed for recording. Any recommendations? Also, I've always used Audition but I wouldn't mind a program with more effects and better control. Should I consider another program or stick with what I got?

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    Sorry I can't listen to your tune. My connection at work blocks Myspace. As far as your equipment questions go, we are lucky to live in a world where many good microphones can be had at a relatively cheap price. You can get a large diaphragm condensor mic for $100, that was unheard of not long ago. If you are keen on dynamic mics you can't go wrong with a 57. If you want to spend a little more and get a great dynamic mic go for the 421, but like I said there's a lot to choose from and quality is in the ear of the beholder. As far as a sound card, I bought the TC Electronic Konnect 8 not too long ago and it's great. Firewire, fast, no problems. I used to use Cool Edit which I think Audition has become. I liked it back then but it was limited. I don't know how much more flexible it is now. I use Nuendo which is a full blown studio in my computer, but expensive.

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