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Thread: Elliott Smith Baby Britain cover

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    Elliott Smith Baby Britain cover

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    Hey, This will be my first post on these boards, but I had to sign up after browsing this section.
    This is an acoustic cover of the primarily piano song Baby Britain by Elliott Smith. It's done by one of my friends and I did the recording for a school project.

    This is my latest effort at acoustic singer/songwriter mixes, and I'm hoping if anyone has any advice/tricks/whatever on mixing acoustics.

    Also, I've been screwing around with audio for about two years now and it's seriously awesome that these boards exist!

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    Seek out Timothy Lawler for acoustic recording advice. He's the man who knows. To my ear, it's pretty decent, if boomy between 100-250Hz. Vox are not pulling their weight in the mix. You have a nice voice, no need to hide. You do need a pop filter though.

    Welcome, by the way. This place is a treasure trove of info; the signal to noise ratio is generally very high. I have learned TONS from the experience that litters the place.
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