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Thread: Electric Blue - Triple Steps

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    Electric Blue - Triple Steps

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    Hey all,
    Been working on this track slowly but surely. I think it's in a good place but feedback is encouraged.
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    Beautifull clean guitars. I might have tried to automate the effects on the cleans during the vocal part to let the vocals shine more.
    Maybe raised the volume on the drums just a tiny bit. Good work overall!

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    Guitar has a Dave Gilmour vibe. On headphones, it feels a little unbalanced with the guitar on the right and the vocal down the middle. Balances out better when the other guitar comes in on the left

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    I would make the guitar with a little less low end, maybe cut below 400? Just a guess, but to me it would sound much better in this mix.

    Maybe cut some other instruments in the area where your vocals sit, keep the level on your vocal the same, just give it some room in the frequency are so it comes through better.

    Damn nice tune!. I have really been getting lucky on this MP3 clinic as the talent is really very high level.
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