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Thread: cover of "pins in my needles"

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    cover of "pins in my needles"

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    so, i decided to try my hand at covering someone elses music. first time doing so. i covered a silverchair song titled "pins in my needles"...a b side from their album diorama.

    there are vocals on only the first half of the song because my air conditioner blew up mid recording(seriously lol) and i had to abandon recording to deal with that.

    hope you like it! i recorded it all(vocals and instruments) through an sm57 directly into the soundcard of my computer, and mixed it all on CEP. so, my setup is minimal at best, but i tried to get as good a sound as i could given my constraints.

    my cover: (it's the first song, the other 3 are my own)

    the original song:

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    Nice sustain on the electric and good tone on the acoustic. Would be nice to complete this with vocals to the end but it gives you the basic feel with what you have now. Pretty good overall....nice performance and recording.....

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