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Thread: Country leaning song, for review please

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    Country leaning song, for review please

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    the song is called the test of time

    I am particularly interested in thoughts on the overall mix, vocal performance and mix, and mandolin mix. Comment away please. I just finished this one last weekend.


    57 Kick Through Bellari MP-105
    57 Snare Through cheapo ART tube MP
    M Audio Nova Left OH DMP-3
    Sp B1 Right OH DMP-3

    Cheap Fender Acoustic Guitar / AT 4040 / ART MPA Gold
    Fender Mandolin / M Audio Luna / ART MPA Gold

    Vocals / AT 4040 / Symetrix 525 Compressor / ART MPA Gold
    Back Vocals / M Audio Luna / ART MPA Gold

    All through Delta 1010 / AA 2.0
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    Nice song -- a little too much reverb on the vocals for me, although I see how it's useful for the contrast in the quick breaks.

    I've got a question about the equipment:
    Quote Originally Posted by undrgrnd studio View Post
    Vocals / AT 4040 / Symetrix 525 Compressor / ART MPA Gold
    I got a 525 recently that I haven't used or looked at much yet (and I've also got a 4040 and Digital MPA - cool! but I don't have much of a Vocals ) - is this actually the order of the devices? I was thinking that the 525 would come after the MPA, but like I said, I haven't done anything with it yet.

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    *Cultural moment ON*
    Know what? Mandolin is a traditional instrument here in Peru and it's used mostly for folk music (like the huayno)
    *Cultural moment OFF*

    Well, I really dig the tune. Vocal could use less reverb. Overal performance is OK (I feel the vibe since the very first chord). By the way, I also use an ART Tube preamp with good results. It's not the gear, it's how you use your stuff.

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