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Thread: Come to Karate High School

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    PaulKarate Guest

    Come to Karate High School

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    What's up everyone,

    Check out these two MP3's

    2.)Sweep The Leg

    Let me know what you all think!

    Paul Karate

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    Welcome to the board.

    I want you to use your skills and talents to review others on this board, please. Especially newcomers like yourself. Look at the number of posts a person has, go for the new folks first.

    Then people with more experience can come behind you and fill in the spaces, everybody learns.

    Even though what I'm hearing, is real, unique, original, creative, musical, energetic and ... smart ... talent.

    You ... honorable white belt on this dojo floor, (bows), .

    I have enjoyed listening to your music, very interesting perspectives, very eclectic.

    Your mixes have the potential to be fantastic, you seem to draw smoothly from many different pop genre, in the same songs.

    I want to make an extensive review of what you are doing 'MIX WISE' and think about how you arrived were able to finally arrive at the MP3 mix that I am hearing.

    Hot, round, well-balanced, but not bothersome.

    And in reviewing you, and thinking about your mix, I will learn a lot.

    Please review others to start yourself off on this board.

    The more people see your screen name, in the last column on the bbs, the more reviews you will get, and the more you will learn.

    It's a circle, where are you ?
    Performing and recording with real violin, viola, and cello for bands and artists.

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    I was intrigued by how commercial your tracks sound. I found some of the cheap and nasty sounds (eg banjo/piano) contrasted vastly with your superb guitar (+ 8vb octave guitar part) and strings sounds. Vocals were good, if a little bare at times.

    Nice arrangements - your strings sound amazing on "110%".

    "Sweep the leg" - the term "sonic smorgasbord" springs to mind & vocals were very strong - although the noises and arrangement(ring mod noises and banjo) masked the vocals a little. If anything, I was looking for a bridge with more sonic contrast to the "chop & change" elsewhere.

    Fabulous noises!

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    PaulKarate Guest


    Thanks for listening.

    Paul Karate

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    Talking Sweep The Leg

    Very good sounds and recording i think.
    Guitars are huge!
    Really not my kind of thing id have to say, but its very well done indeed. Doesnt sound remotely like a demo,
    more like the finished article id say.
    Good job man. And good luck with it!

    Hear my stuff at,

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