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Thread: Can someone listen to this for me?

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    Yeah, I suggested changing the song some, but the band likes it the way it is. They like how it is long and slow, then the scream and kind of fast for about 30 seconds and ends. I'll mess with some effects for the guitar and take the vinyl effect out of the end unless they are totally against it. If you think some of the vocals are bad now you should have heard it before I used Melodyne... Again, thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtjdx
    The last sentence made me laugh really hard for no reason at all.

    The guitar timing through a lot of the song is quite a bit off from the drums. The vocals are off key in a few parts, but nothing horribly noticeable. After every verse it feels like you're starting right back in the beginning (until about the 4 minute mark? 4 minutes of starting back at the beginning. And then it basically does it again). The yell took me off guard there! But then it's more of the same - just a little faster and more distorted! I agree with the vinyl thing. It definitely doesn't add much (if anything).
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