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Thread: Basic rock....

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    RAMI Guest

    Basic rock....

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    Hey guys....I'm going through a slump in my writing. My last 3 tunes just didn't cut it. But I want to keep writing and recording, so I know this tune is pretty simple and straight ahead, but I figured I should go back to basics.

    Some of my friends will recognise the title of this, because I took the lyrics from a tune of mine that DWILLIS45 made a video for. But that was a shitty tune, too. Sorry Dave, your video was great, but my tune sounded like it was written in 1982.

    Anyway, I changed my bass drum skin and found that I had a whole new set of frequencies to deal with. So, I'd like to know how the drums sound....and anything else you might notice that needs fixing....thanx alot.


    LESSER-QUALITY STREAMING on my site. (turn off the music player in the bottom left-hand corner and scroll down to the music-player on the page, it's the first song in the page's player)
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    Killer drums man....good punch to the kick, snap on the snare. Cymbals might be a bit quiet...don't know. I hear them, but they might stand just a smidge more volume. I love the way the bass and drums mesh....very good. Try to get the cymbals just a bit louder...may not sound good, but here they are a bit quiet. I've gotten used to big drums from you....

    I liked the original very much, but also like this version. Just some good ole Rock And Roll.....
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    Great! Everything sounds really good, especially the drum sound you got goin. The only thing I don't like is the way the vocals are layered. There are moments when the vocals don't have that "layered" sound and it's right on, but for my taste I don't think they sound as good when you have the chorus thing going on...but again that's my taste. Overall it's nice and chunky sounding in a good way.

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    RAMI Guest
    Thanx alot Dog and K.....

    I appreciate the comments. I'm not sure if I agree with the cymbals (overheads) being too low, but I'll have to listen with fresh ears tomorrow. Thanx Dog.

    K, if I understand you, it's the vocals in the chorus of the song that you're not crazy about??? I might have tried to make the chorus to BIG. Thanx for taking the time to listen and comment. Food for thought, for sure.

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    I actually agree about the overheads needing to come up a tad. It's because you have the big muddy primary rhythm guitar part, it's robbing the ear of some of the sparkle of the drum track. Love the new kick. And you do a great slurred 7, one of the best I've heard.

    For someone in a writing slump; I sure want to punch you in your big fat pink nose. That's a SLUMP?
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    RAMI Guest
    Thanx Llarion...Well, it's 2 agaisnt one about the overheads...You guys win!!!

    Actually, I have no trouble turning up the overheads. I like getting most of my sound from them anyway. I just thought my hi hats and ride were the right volume. Probably on further listens I'll end up agreeing with you.

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    RAMI Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Llarion
    And you do a great slurred 7, one of the best I've heard.
    Thanx man.

    Oh!....By the way...What in the name of Sweet Fancy Moses is a "Slurred 7"? I know my rudiments pretty well, but maybe that's American for something.

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    I like the diff between chorus & verse vox.
    I like the drums as they are.
    The bass git sound is really nice & the slight away panning works for me as well.
    It is a straighter rocker for you but my you do it well.
    I wish I could raise myself to the level of your slump & your amount of work.
    You certainly have a signature vocal harmony as well as a signature SOUND.

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    Yea, that bass drum is very big sounding. It sounds very good. It does seem like the Overheads and maybe snare could be a bit louder...

    Around 2:15 I thought you were going to start playing "Push It" by Salt 'N Peppa... But then it broke out of it.

    Is this your regularly used guitar sound that is on your album? I noticed the guitar doesn't have a whole lot of bite to it and sounds somewhat dull vs. the drums and vocals.

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    danny.guitar Guest
    Intro sounds kinda fuzzy but I like it. Drums sound perfect to me.

    I like the slower tempo on this one, easy-listening/rock.

    Bass drum has a nice 'punch' to it but not boomy, sounds tight and controlled.

    And holy crap this song is loud. I was recording some acoustic stuff earlier and had my speakers up real loud so I could hear it. Started playing this one and it was like holy shit.

    I have to say I personally like this one better than the last couple songs I heard from you (not that they were bad by any means). I guess I prefer the lighter rock stuff.

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