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Thread: Any Criticism Welcome

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    Any Criticism Welcome

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    Here's a new band I'm working with. Some pretty talented kids I think but I'm just wondering if you guys hear anything you think I might do better. I've gotten to the point where I pretty much mix in cruise control and sometimes don't quite hear the mix as much as just listen to the song. Also this song was my first attempt at using a POD for guitars instead of a tube amp. Anyway, I'd really love any feedback, both positive and negative the song is Becoming the other one was never really finished and is getting ready to be re-recorded. Thanks in advance guys, you're always helpful.

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    Sounds good so far , but yeah its mp3 on myspace !

    The drums stick out to much thats what jumped right into my ears. Other than that its a well mix so far and its well performed but it just sounds like a bad 128kb mp3 it just sucks !!!!
    So its hard to say anything about the quality of the mix(sound).
    Its hard to judge a quality downgrade format like mp3 anyway.

    Did you lately listen to a CD(no mp3 selfburned stuff) or better LP ?
    You will hear the difference !
    Mp3 is one of the worst things that hapened to the music, only worse is the bad music produced for the top 20 itself :-)


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