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Thread: Another classical piece... well not really classical

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    Another classical piece... well not really classical

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    hows it going? its been awhile since ive posted anything new, ive been really busy w/ college, work, and the girlfriend... not to mention my zoo of animals... anyways ive been learning alot of Tarrega (its not really classical for the reason his music was late 1800's early 1900's) pieces. i learned this piece last semester for school and i thought id record it. it has a few farted out notes but its good enough for now... i was wondering if i could get some input on my playing, the recording, etc. anything would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

    the song is called Lagrima by Francisco Tarrega


    errr... now that i listen to it some more, it sounds kinda bassy and low volume, ill try to re EQ it and relpace the file.. or make another one...

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    cool man... the only thing i'd do is maybe brighten it a tad, and look into that open string playing the root. Its just... teetering on the edge of pitch. Very nice touch you got...
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