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Thread: Ambient + Cheeserock = Win.

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    Ambient + Cheeserock = Win.

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    Hey guys,

    Just give you a rundown of my gear:

    -Monitoring on a Hifi
    -Yamaha MG10/2 Preamps (patched the inserts)
    -Naint(?) MSH1O overheads.
    -Rode NTK

    -Miced the bass cab and went DI. $200 bass and $100 bass amp. Results in a slightly nicer sound than just going straight DI though. I think the bass is turned up too high in the track.
    -Drums were recorded with the two overheads and a shitty $5 dynamic on kick (ran into a drumagog like program).
    -For the guitar I ran a 58 on the cone and the NTK a little further back.
    -No Vocals but some of the 'noises' were recorded with the NTK then raped with Reverb.
    -The only virtual instruments here are the piano (you can tell, but I don't own good piano samples) and the synth at the cheesy ending.
    -The intro was made by recording different TV channels then recording me pushing the channel selector buttons. I then cut it all up into my own little mishmash with static etc.

    So yeah I'm just looking for some critiques on my mixing most of all. All the playing was done by me (hence crappy! ).

    Some caveats:
    -Really really need some monitors/treatment. A lot of the elements sound completely different to how I mixed it. Very upsetting when you spend time to mix the track properly and then you listen to it elsewhere and all the elements are misbalanced.
    -It's not mastered at all.
    -Everything recorded in my shitty tin shed/garage.

    I really appreciate feedback!

    untitled. (4:2)

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    cool beginning.

    1. once the instruments come in, everything seems dead center to me. maybe spread out a little more?
    2. not a big fan of chorus on the ride cymbal...but that's just a personal preference thing.
    3. all in all, mix levels of each instrument are pretty good.

    good job. keep on!


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