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Thread: Advice Needed on New Track

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    All The Old Games - Need Mixing Advice

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    I just "finished" this song, but I really would appreciate some input on the mix. I feel like the vocals kinda feel separated from the mix, it was kinda hard because I wanted this really reverby, breathy sound. ANY suggestions/critique would be great. Its called "All The Old Games."

    There is a weird clip of a vocal track I forgot to delete near the end, but that will go. 1-2.mp3
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    Link Hope that fixes the link.

    I like the song. Strange, but I think the part at the end at 3:02 or something sits better than the rest of the vocals in the song. I think because how the guitar sound is, it gives the song that reverby sound already and you don't have to overdue it on the vocal reverb.

    Maybe try a double track of just whispering the song (to give the breathiness) and track the main vocal with a lmuch more gusto and more 'off the mike' and just a little reverb and I think it would be really cool. And then going into the 'chorus' of the song add a touch more verb and delay maybe.

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