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Thread: Advice on improving first recording

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    Advice on improving first recording

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    This is the first recording I've made of my daughter playing fiddle.
    I'm looking for any advice on how to make it better.

    A couple of things I've done already:
    1) Boosted the high end - the mic I used is a Sony ECM330 which I got a couple years ago and rarely used. I've since upgraded to a better mike but this was a good take.
    2) Reverb - Added a very small amount of reverb just to round it out a bit.
    3) Squeek - Put sharp attenuation at 3388Hz to try to reduce the impact of a squeek that her bow is making a few bars in. (She'd just had it rehaired and it probably needed more rosin - anyway, I didn't notice it when I recorded and until we can find some time to record again I'm stuck with it.)
    4) Some minor tempo problems since she's still learning this piece. I'm not going to try to fix those.

    See what you think. I promise only positive reputations for helpful critiques.

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    Quite honestly, other than the squeaks that I here every now and then (as you pointed out), I think it sounds fantastic. Would love to hear this in a full orchestration ...
    I (personally) highly recommend Ron Wikso, former drummer for Foreigner, David Lee Roth, and Cher, for all your custom drum track needs!

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