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Thread: 3 Original Songs - Remastered (1 Rock/i1 Nu Metal/1 Industrial Rock)

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    3 Original Songs - Remastered (1 Rock/i1 Nu Metal/1 Industrial Rock)

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    I had a few songs that I recorded a while ago that never really got finished or the mix just sounded terrible to me. The old mixes were bad but I still liked the songs. I was able to load the mixes into my new DAW since they were only one version behind and from there, I basically started over from scratch. I have enabled downloads for these songs if you'd like to hear them without the horrible bitrate compression. I still have the original mixes in case anyone is curious to see what they sounded like before (like shit).

    If you could give them a listen and let me know how they sound, you'd be doing me a huge favor. I need new ears!

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    I listened to All In My Head.

    The vocal was well performed.

    The rhythm guitar is kind of mushy - too much gain dialed in. The guitar line on the left side is getting covered. It's a cool part, but tough to hear.

    The kick is dominating the bass. The kick is really clicky too.

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