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Thread: 3 DAYS (original song)

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    3 DAYS (original song)

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    Here's a new tune we've been working on. The song is called "3 Days". Our singer wrote the lyrics, and I wrote the music.
    We did something different this time. I made sure we played the song live (thus arranged) before recording.
    The drummer decided to use a Yamaha DTX500 electric kit.
    One of the rhythm guitars is a Marshall MA50C, the other is from a Zoom G5. I got to use my Fender Kingman acoustic for the intro.
    I'm doubling on bass, because our singer fired our bass player for missing jam nights we were hosting and band rehearsals.
    Our other guitar player is playing the first solo, and I'm the second one.
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    The song was mostly guitars and vocals. Tough to hear the bass, and to a lesser extent, the drums.

    Guitars are OK, but sound a little glassy. At least in spots.

    Double tracked vocals would be cool.

    Good guitar solo.

    The delay on the snare is audible. I hear two hits.

    Some timing issues here and there.

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