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Thread: This is EXACTLY how to mix a kick drum in every detail.

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    This is EXACTLY how to mix a kick drum in every detail.

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    You really should preface all your videos that the information is very specific to mixing for Hip-Hop...because your techniques don't apply to everything.
    I wasn't that excited about your Kick drum sound in the end...but then, I'm not solely focused on Hip-Hop music where drums don't actually sound like real drums.

    Also check your video titles for typos...because you're DEMIM in some and DENIM in others.

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    Well, I've learned a lot about how some genres are constructed, but I really hadn't even realised that the kick was so unreal in this kind of music. Interesting to see the care and attention. I can't say any of my music would touch any of these tricks and tweaks - but now I do understand better some of the purposes of the plugins I have, but never used. Normally my kick process was chop the HF off, find the click, if I need that for the track, and emphasise it a tiny bit p find the 'duh', and boost or cut as appropriate. Maybe a bit of compression and that's done, move on the important tracks. I might spend a long time on an acoustic guitar, or a piano. Oddly, as I'm a bass player, youd expect me to be finnicky about how the bass sounds, but I'm not - eq is rarely more than the kick.

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    Private video?

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