Hi, new here.
The set up we have at the moment is a D160, a Yamaha MG16/6FX and a computer.
Its time to start backing/doing final mixes for songs.
What in your opinion, is the best, most cost effective way to go about mastering in stereo to the coomputer.
We have to get a sound card for the computer and it seems to me that this choice is dependent on method and future needs.
For instace , it seems silly not to make use of the D60's ADAT outputs.
So far I have looked at a Fostex COP1 as an optical/spdif convertor then into an M-Audio 24/96 soundcard (the theory being that the USB soundcards might suffer less from electrical noise than the PCI ones).
The problem is that (and is this a correct assumpotion?) you go through the mixer into the recorder for the actual recording then go back through the mixer when playing the recorder into the computer. we want to actually finish songs and transfer them into the computer using cooledit pro, then burn them.
The other thing I looked at was the Behringer DDX 3216 desk with the ADT 1616 ADAT interface. this is a bit more money so it will be in the future, but surely there is a fairly easy way to utilise the ADAT outs. please explain.
The other way is obviously to go analogue all the way into the computer (ie back out through the desk and then into the rca inputs of the soundcard - but i suspect this won't sound too great.
Is there a way of using the ADAT outputs, on the D160 and not having to go through the desk for a post mix (I thinkiits called the post mix, the mix coming out of the recorder into the mastering unit - computer)
thanks for any help you can offer.