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    i've got some virtual tracks on cakewalk linked by smpte to my analog deck. i want to sub-mix my cakewalk stuff through another mixer instead of on the computer. (i.e. run my gina outs to a mixer and use outboard effects) i'm looking for a simple 8 channel in, two out mixer with at least two aux sends, preferable rack mounted. does anyone know if there is a company that makes this. i know sampson has a 16 channel powered mixer but it only has a high and low shelving (i want something with at least a 3 band eq, hi-low-adjustable mid).
    i'd get an 8 channel mackie board but i really don't need mic ins, group outs, etc. just a plain vanilla sub-mixer to send to my alesis 32.



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    Hi stax,
    You could look at some rack mountable behringer mixers with sweepable mids, submixing, 2 aux sends. I know there is a behringer 1604 I think that has 6 in, with I think 4 stereo ins for about $250. Then there is a behringer 2004 with 8 ins instead of six for about $350 I think.
    I think mackie has some new ones out with swept mids too, called the cmx series I think, that also have an effects processor on board for about $500 and 8 ins with 2 stereo ins I believe.
    The mackie VLZ series is supposed to have better pre-amps, don't have swept mids, but I couldn't tell any difference when I compared them with a behringer side by side. I don't know a hell of a lot about mixers, but saved some money on a behringer and am very pleased with it.
    Alesis also has an 8 in mixer with the EQ too I think that might be rack mountable, and inexpensive as well.
    Good luck. Sorry I wasn't more specific, I just woke up.

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