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Thread: Quick reccomendations for a goofy stereo idea

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    Quick reccomendations for a goofy stereo idea

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    I'm thinking of trying something weird and replacing my ollllld home stereo with a mixing console and a medium-end set of computer speakers, patching all my various components (record player, CD player, radio tuner, cassette deck, shortwave radio and an FM wireless hookup to my computer in the other room) into the mixer.

    The computer speakers have their own amp, so I'm trying to forego the old static "stack of boxes" setup for something that looks a little more lively.

    Being pretty new and low-end with music stuff, I'm finding it VERY difficult to get any decent sense of what's out there in terms of mixers.

    Ideally I'd like something that offers a lot of stereo input channels and not so many output channels. I don't need a lot of EQ or buses or aux feeds. I really just need a basic mixer unit with a lotta lotta lotta line-level inputs.

    Most of what's out there tends to heavily favour mono channels with a few stereo channels for "flavour." I need the opposite.

    Can any of you knowledgeable guru types recommend something on the cheaper end of the spectrum that can do this? I've been sifting through website after website, but one of you could probably save me a LOT of time and trouble.
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    For what you describe, you'd probably be better off with a mixer designed for DJ-style applications than one designed for recording or live FOH work. Most recording and FOH mixers offer little in the way of stereo I/O, let alone ones that use the RCA jacks common in most consumer systems.

    DJ-style mixers on the other hand, tend to offer more in the way of stereo I/O since that is the format they are really designed to work with. You can (I believe) usually find DJ mixers to cost less in general also, not only because they have (sometimes) a smaller total number of I/O channels to deal with, but also because they don't need to include a boatload of microphone preamps and don't need to hit quite as tight of a specification on things like noise level and distortion.

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