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Thread: panning ?@@ (lead vocals)

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    panning ?@@ (lead vocals)

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    hi guys so im working on my first song and i have a question:
    for the lead vocals i know it should generally be centered >0< mono
    i recorded my vocals in mono with 1 mic and after putting on certain plugins (CLA e.g) it splits the mono into stereo so now i have 2 pan knobs instead of just 1 so my question is ...

    whats the difference between in regards to PAN
    >0< mono centered
    >0< >0< stereo centered
    100L 100R
    35L 35R

    (the 100L 100R sounds softer but more wider than the 0L 0R )

    what generally should you do regarding lead vocals??
    what the difference between panning 0L0R and 100L 100R and cranking the volume up ?


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    If the track is the same level in both channels it is centered. Depending on how the pan controls are implemented there could be a difference in overall level between 0 left/0 right and 100 left/100 right etc.

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    The CLA plugin reverb, delay, etc. to the channel. Those are stereo effects, which means that it is splitting the original mono signal into two signals and adding different information to them.

    I suspect that the intended use of the plugin is to pan those two channels 100% out.
    Part of the point of reverb is to create a sense of space and width and to help the vox sound like they exist in a real room with the rest of the instruments.

    The reason it sounds louder when you pan it to the center is that you're stacking the two signals on top of each other. You could achieve a similar effect by copying your original mono track and applying slightly different FX chains to them. If they're panned center, they'll sound louder because you have two copies of the track playing at once.

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