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Thread: Need some help and advice

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    Need some help and advice

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    I got myself a new setup and i am quite new to all the mixing music etc..
    Been watching alot of YouTube videos tutorials and more but there is 1 thing i can't seem to find so im asking it here.

    I am using:
    SE2200 microphone
    Audient id22 interface
    Logic pro x

    what i wanna do is record coversongs for YouTube (later when i get good i will make my own background music)
    the problem im facing is that when i insert a pre recorded instrumental into logic and record my vocals over it i cannot get the mix down good.

    The volume levels are way to off, i am using abit of EQ and compressing and reverb.
    but i can't seem to get it good.

    anyone who can help me out and give me some tips?

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    Gonna need a bit more information I think. What do you mean by......the volume levels are way off? The vocals are too high...too low...the inserted track is too high too low? Try to be a bit more specific if you can. Sounds like the overall issue might not be too difficult to solve.
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    More info, and a short MP3 snippet might help.

    One thing you should do is make sure the clip levels are similar, and you can set the region's gain in the left panel - just RTFM as they say.

    You may also be working slightly disadvantaged because the instrumental/backing track is probably already compressed, even mastered to a high level. You can fix the level with the gain setting, but you won't be able to do much with the dynamics, so you'll have to match your vocal dynamics to the track's to some extent. Then, you'll need to carve some space in the mix for your vocal, probably by some selective cuts in the instrumental track, so your vocal has a place to sit where other instruments are too loud. You can also do dynamic compression in the instrumental track by adding a compressor that's side-chained to your vocal. Light, fast compression is all you want - just a touch so it's not noticeable except when it's off. Maybe a tiny bit of compression on the master/stereo bus/out to glue things together.
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    In the top-left of logic, you can click the 'inspector' and modify the gain of the pre-recorded track to match the 'level'

    I would only use effects on what you are recording, not the pre-recorded track.

    Then I would put a compressor (pick 'compressor tools' in the preset dropdown and experiment with those), EQ and maybe a limiter on the stereo out to glue it together as keith said.

    AFter that, I *might* put some EQ on the pre-recorded track. My daughter records a bunch of covers for her YT channel using kareoko tracks so I do this type of mixing quite's tough to blend it all together sometimes.

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    The quality of the backing tracks are of much importance as well. Still, the advice given is sound from other members.

    I have used THIS source many times. For a few more dollars you can download individual tracks and mix as you wish. Obviously depending on the songs available.

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