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Thread: Morgan Delt Mixing Technique

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    Thanks! I’m not interested in copying his style or anything. Just curious to know why his music can sound the way it does. I don’t think his mixing sounds particularly good, but it’s very different.

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    I personally don't like it at all. Very exaggeratedly distorted everywhere.

    Anyway, it sounds that he routed every instrument at very hot levels into old tape, then summed everything into tape again.

    Never heard about this band, but judging by their stile, they probably used an all analogue chain. A lot of hipster analogue snobs these days.

    However, it's not hard at all to do something like it using plugins. Use something like SDRR on every track and distort to taste.

    Use Valhalla's Vintage Verb all over the place, very modulated. Use your favorite delay here and there; Send it to your main reverb channel to blend in with everything else.

    As for compressors, I would use GoodHertz Vulfcompressor everywhere, to get this overcompressed sound. Adjust distortion to taste.

    In the mixbus, I would use GoodHertz WowControl for uncalibrated tape vibe and modulation. Use your favorite EQ to cut a lot of your high-end before it, to make it sound lo-fi.

    I'm a total noob, but that's what I would do.

    Just my two cents.
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