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Thread: mixing ~ use you eyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcearl View Post
    yeah I hear how your sound has evolved, just as a commercially successful musician would, the difficult third album..... or is it the second? lol
    This new sound I'm playing with now will be the third album.

    "real" instruments offer a whole new set of challenges so its pretty far off someone with my experience is going to plateau, I suppose there's more likely to be disillusionment when your aiming to make a living out of this and cant perfect what your doing
    Right. You're not chasing paper like the homeboiz, and I'm not either, so we're free to do whatever the fuck we want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimistone View Post
    you scare me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gecko zzed View Post
    I hope you realise that I'm not advocating abandoning your ears, nor down playing the importance of critical listening.

    I suggested it as "aid", and principally, one to help avoid the random and uncohesive placement of elements in the stereo field.
    I think it's a great idea and adding to the idea of using your eyes I think having different sets of speakers in the picture will remind them that their mixes should also vary and be appropriate for not only different size speakers and different speaker frequency ranges but also the different placements in the room.
    Busy recording...

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