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Thread: Mixing Question: Problems getting healthy dynamics range, re: vocals

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    Ok... I have this thing ready to send this back to you.

    How do I pack a Reaper file to send the thing back. Do I just zip the entire folder Amazing Grace Amazing Love folder and deliver the whole thing? Or is there a cleaner way to do it from inside Reaper?

    Tesgin, you'll have a few plugins that won't load like the Anteres Autotune Pro and the UAD David Eden cab, but for anything that's not Scheps, Classics Comps, and stock Reaper etc... I have a duplicate track printed with the audio stems. You might not be able to study this in depth until you have those Waves, but let me send it to you anyway so you'll have it ready when they pop up on sale at Waves.

    I would say pay close attention to how certain parameters were tweaked in XLN. A few quick notes, when you multi-out your kit pieces, you have to NOT include a split to the master. You want to be completely bypassing that XLN master for organizational purposes. You were actually sending a redundant parallel signal through your master chain. You do this by clicking the yellow arrow and at the bottom of the XLN mixer and saying pre fader not pre fader + master.

    Link additional kicks and snares into flex 1, flex 2, and flex 3 slots by using the chain icon next to the kit piece picture. You click drag the little sideways figure 8 chain icon and drop it on the piece you want to link to. This is how you stack several kicks and snares. You may choose to route all linked snares to the same reaper channel. I didn't I sent the two different snare to two different reaper channels, but its perfectly acceptable to sum them.

    When you look through addictive, I modded the pitch and envelope filters for the kick drum, and I tuned the balance of the kick through the overheads and room mics. To me thats a pretty important part of making it sound bigger.

    I always start a mix with the master fader at unity. I usually start with the bus compression off, then add it toward the end, but thats preference. Some mix guys keep it on the entire mix.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkuehlin View Post
    How do I pack a Reaper file to send the thing back. Do I just zip the entire folder Amazing Grace Amazing Love folder and deliver the whole thing? Or is there a cleaner way to do it from inside Reaper?
    No Reaper doesn't have any kind of "bundle" function. As long as you're sure that all of the necessary audio and/or midi files are in the project folder, just zip it up. While this is a form of file compression, it is completely different from audio file compression like MP3/AAC etc. It is completely lossless and actually doesn't usually end up compressing audio files much if at all. So the folder won't get much smaller, but it will be more portable.

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