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Thread: Looking for feedback on my mix

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    Looking for feedback on my mix

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    Hi guys,
    I just finished performing/recording/mixing & mastering my band's record (I know, I shouldn't have done all that by myself).
    I'm looking for feedback on my mix, everything was recorded @ our rehearsal space using a mix of cheap and decent stuff.

    Critique away!

    EDIT: I had to post the URL minus the http part, the embed wouldn't work

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    Not bad. Off the top of my head there are sections where the vocal kinda gets a little lost. So either a bit more compression or some automation would take care of that. Reverb on the snare dies off a touch too quick. I would make it a touch longer. Call it a full quarter note of decay time give or take. To taste. The over all song and mix need some more excitement. I get its a more low key rock track but it is missing energy. Only so much you could do on that from a mix stand point. Decent though.

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