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Thread: Guitar solo in mono vs stereo mix

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesfordan View Post
    this makes me think. I tend to record everything in stereo, because ... why? I guess because I can, DAWs make it so easy. Going try doing some mono and see what that brings to the table.
    In the simplest terms, stereo means some difference between left and right. So the question becomes, what difference? I wonder what the difference there was in your solo recording. Could you post an audio file of the isolated solo? Could you describe how you recorded it?

    I wouldn't want to discourage you from recording stereo solos, but at the same time I do encourage trying it in mono.

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    You need your "stereo" (which is really just two mono sources panned wide - that's important to note - although in many cases it's a single source with effects that simulate another source via time and modulative effects) guitars to sound more "different." Certainly - double-tracking (playing twice) will equal far less cancellation. But having a reasonably unique tone from one side to the other will also. Notice how most metal acts have one guitar that sounds "crunchy" and the other more "fuzzy" (for lack of better terms)...? That's a big deal when summing to mono.

    I get the "want the super-tightness of a single take" thing -- But in that case, reamping or using two different amps with unique tones - That'll getcha where you want to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjbphotos View Post
    If it is a single point sound source (a bass DIed, a mic on an amp, a vocal into a mic, for example,) there is no good reason to record in stereo.
    But it makes no difference either way except you end up using twice as much disc space.

    I had the idea that we were talking about the whole mix being mono or stereo. I didn’t think the OP was asking whether the individual guitar track should or shouldn’t have stereo content.

    I would suggest to err on the side of the mono sum. Figure out why those rhythms seem to disappear, they’re probably just not loud enough because when they’re way out wide they can seem really big. That might have something to do with EQ, too. Likewise, the solo guitar, which I imagine is just right up the middle(???), probably actually is too loud. I would bet that if you really spent some time getting the monoized mix better, you’ll find that the stereo mix really is noticeably better also. And then it should be acceptable pretty much everywhere in between.

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    Actually, the lead guitar sounded a little low in the stereo mix to me!
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    Yep, solo quiet in stereo mix. Playback in mono, it sounds louder.

    Look at BSG and Massives posts. I bet it is the way you got the width of the rhythm guitars that is causing this.
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