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Thread: found a game changer for me

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    found a game changer for me

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    I've been remixing and remixing these sessions and I found a game changer for me. I'm not the most experienced home studio mixer, and so adding delay to acoustic music didn't appeal to me right away. I own the plugin by Waves called the Super Tap - 2 Taps, and it has a preset called Vocal Exciter. I just wanted to see what it would do on an auxiliary channel from a vocal send. Wow! This thing rocks. It makes the vocal sound like the source came from an expensive preamp. I did a send for each of the vocals and each of the instruments and mixed this way. Links of the mp3's below:

    In the Pines mix - no delay - Banjo Hangout Jukebox

    In the Pines - final - Banjo Hangout Jukebox
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    Hey man, I'm not sure why but the links don't work for me. It says to select a playlist with a long dropdown menu

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