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Thread: Depth in Instruments

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    Depends on what your recording platform is. For software DAW programs like Cubase, Reaper, PT, etc, EQ and reverb are non-destructive. The software doesn't actually change the recorded media, it adds changes on-the-fly. No making copies or duplicates. It plays the recorded media and applies EQ, reverb, compression, edits and everything while playing the file, You hear it out your speakers, but it doesn't get saved or anything.

    Then when you're ready to mix it all down to a 2-track, they get "printed", but the original recordings are still unchanged.

    But that's for computer based recording. In the analog realm, I'm not sure. I guess if you add EQ and reverb when bouncing from one track to another, that might be destructive if you record over the first track.

    So, why would YOU think it's destructive, Oh wiseOne?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whome View Post
    teach me o wise one

    how is it that eq and reverb are NOT destructive

    if you make a copy and then apply them to that you destroy the copy in that you cannot remove eq nor remove verb
    but you do have the original but that is double talk to say that eq and verb were not destructive just cause you have back up that was untouched
    ^^^ +1 to what Chili said. I put most ambient processing on aux sends/buses which i can print to separate tracks. The same goes for eq: i can copy a track through an aux eq to another track if i wish. Tape or digital.

    As the OP didn't mention tape i admit i was assuming using a DAW and in every one i have ever used even if you apply the processing to the track they always provide a choice of creating a new audio file or replacing the old, so it is easy to not destroy the original source audio. Though i usually dont print processing until final bounce as Chili says.

    I admit also that i am curious as to the manner of your routing that seems to destroy original files.
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