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Thread: Cue mix in logic?

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    Cue mix in logic?

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm tying to figure out some ways to capture performances and mixing them better

    Now i'm plan is to of course.. have a cue mix.
    I have two sets of speakers: little fostek 5" drivers that i want to use for cue mixes (and also reference speakers) and 8" rokit g2's as my mains

    The g2s are run through the main output of my presonus fp10, while the fosteks are run through outputs 3-4 into a presonus headphone amp (it has stereo monitor outputs also)

    During recording, i lets say guitar "soloed" into the fosteks for better monitoring. This part i can do, set up a send bus set to output 3-4 and send the signal so the band can hear their instrument better while playing to their song. This worked like a charm.

    But what i can't figure out is how to do this with reamping instruments (using send 5-8) I take a DI of the original guitars, send them to an axe-fx, and blend. Also, i'll send the snare to a little amp, put some snares around it and set up a mic. And finally i'll send vocals through a little amp, record and blend. Just experimenting with sound

    With this method, i can only solo the instrument in my daw, and i can only monitor that signal (the other instruments also go through the send to an amp when not soloed.. even when the mix is set up on the master bus and the thing i want to send is on output whatever). I want to hear whatever i'm sending out in relation with the mix. If i could hear it with the rest of the mix and not just itself i wouldn't have guess work and a huge headache.

    So how can i send a signal to any outboard gear (after recording the signal) while having the mix play with it?

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    I'm not sure why you are going to those lengths. Maybe you could experiment with the FP10's 'mixer' control. That's a good way of controlling the relative levels of recorded and being-recorded signal. Use the "Main CR output" for the g2s. Use the "cue mix output" to drive the headphone amp, and from there, maybe the fosteks.

    If you are specifically re-amping, you don't need to have a complicated monitoring system, because it can be done after the event.

    However, you can also make use of the extra inputs on the headphone amp . . .drive these with a signal of choice and mix with everything else.

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    Eh i'm going to through these lengths cause when especially reamping through the axe-fx, i want to hear the tone (especially bass for metal mixes) to glue them all together without having to have guess work.

    My fosteks go through the back of the headphone amp, thats why i can monitor say a guitar when recording while the mix play through the g2's.

    In logic i want to be able to send a signal to whatever outboard gear without having to solo it

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