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Thread: Can anyone recommend a professional mixing service?

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    Question Can anyone recommend a professional mixing service?

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    I'm presently recording my first album in my home studio. I of course, have been making rough mixes of the songs that I've been recording. But, since I only have experience mixing individual song demos and want my record to sound as professional as possible, I would like to pay to have it mixed and mastered by a respected, experienced engineer or producer. I already have a service in mind for the mastering of the album, but I do not have anyone in line for mixing. So, my question is: Can anyone recommend a professional mixing service for me? I'm looking for a person, group or company that has a good reputation and a respectable artist or client list. I should add that I'm basically looking for anyone within North America that I can hire and potentially someone that I might be able to send my music to over the internet or through the mail.

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    There are hundreds of them... the question is - what's your budget? I know guys that will be happy to do it for you... they're $5000 / song... others that will knock it out for $300 and $50 / "touchup" and every shade of gray in between. The guys who get $5k a song generally have what's called a track record [gold/platinum plaques on the wall - maybe a Grammy® or two]... the guys that will do it for $300 went to school for it, a Pro-sTools rig and some plugins that were actually purchased and not cracked.

    What's your definition of a "good reputation and a respectable artist or client list"? How much of a respectable list can you afford to employ? Unless you run into someone who "believes in your music" every one who does this is for rent [they're mercenaries who will work for the highest bidder]... it all depends where your budget fits into the "supply and demand" chain vis a vis their services.

    If you'd like some recommendations please feel free to PM me... I can probably recommend someone you can afford as I know tons of guys with rooms that could use some extra "downtime" [as in "unsigned"] work.


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    The engineers/producers at EAE Music Productions have 20 years of recording/mixing/mastering experience. If you send me some tracks, I'll mix a song for free and you can be the judge. If you like what you hear, we'll work out a deal. You'll get pro quality mixes, along with the use of hundreds of (Registered) plug-ins. All engineers have BA's in Audio Production.

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