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Thread: best cans for mixing

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    For most pro headphones you can easily find their tested frequency response graph. You don't usually have to guess or assume. If you take the word of those who have been very successful in the field of mixing and mastering.......and there's not much reason not to.......then there seems to be a top 5 or 10 models that are consistently recommended.

    I happen to prefer the Sennheiser HD600's. Their mid-range is SO perfect. I also use (don't laugh) a pair of Status Audio CB-1's. For some reason they really translate well.
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    This is might be interesting.
    Headphone Measurements | InnerFidelity
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    I've used K240s and Sennheisers. Both are good. But I've recently found a pair of cheaper cans that are, for me, magic when working on a mix.

    I was looking at spending hundreds - probably a pair of AKGs - but saw several online reviews that rated a USD55 pair of open back headphones worth considering as an option. They're Samson (yes, I know - laugh now) SR850s, and they sound clean and surprisingly flat.

    Now I don't "mix on headphones", but I certainly use headphones as part of the mixing process. And these are excellent when investigating detail in a mix. I've compared them with K240s, and there's not much in it. The price really is a bonus, not my main reason for buying.

    The above is Leigh's opinion. Aelyth has no comment, as Leigh won't let her use the Samsons.

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    Beck's 0.5 liter cans.

    You can mix them with coke or lemonade, both tastes good if you keep it chilled.

    If you want to use them to mix music, they are also great, but with a few setbacks.
    Advantages: Very cheap (in the under-5-$-or-€-per-can-range). Make the sound SUBJECTIVELY far better and the mixing process more enjoyable.
    Only disadvantage: Only usable once, then you have to buy new ones. And - make sure to give your client also enough of them, otherwise business might go down.

    Sorry, couldn't resist... heh

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